Minnesota's success starts with our children

The future success of our children starts with early childhood education. Laurie will invest in programs that provide our students a jump-start to kindergarten. All students deserve the opportunity to excel in our K-12 system. Laurie will work to train quality teachers, increase college and career readiness programs, expand access to technology in schools, and ensure students have physical education classes which will help them be healthier and more successful in the classroom.

Laurie believes all Minnesotans deserve the opportunity to earn a postsecondary degree. She will work to make higher education more affordable and find opportunities to reduce student loan debt. Debt forgiveness options are not a handout -- this is an investment in our future economic success. 

Minnesota's economic future depends on an innovative, competitive workforce. Laurie will ensure our education system is the strongest in the country so more businesses are attracted to our communities.

Laurie Warner will work for the residents of Minnesota House 32B to make education available and affordable for all children.