Laurie Warner, Minnesota House of Representatives, District 32BThe Issues

Issues that impact the residents of Minnesota House District 32B




Helping Local Business Provide Good Paying Jobs

We have made great progress in recovering from the recession -- but there is more work to be done. Laurie will work to strengthen local businesses through tax cuts and removing government barriers to success. Strong, local businesses provide good paying jobs for our community.


Minnesota's success starts with our children

The future success of our children starts with early childhood education. Laurie will invest in programs that provide our students a jump-start to kindergarten. All students deserve the opportunity to excel in our K-12 system. Laurie will work to train quality teachers, increase college and career readiness programs, expand access to technology in schools, and ensure students have physical education classes which will help them be healthier and more successful in the classroom.


Many of our area roads and bridges are old, dangerous and inefficient.

Laurie will work to update our transportation system through long-term funding. This important funding will ensure our roads and bridges are safe to drive on and our business can move goods and services safely and efficiently.


Working to Connect every Home and Business with Vital Information

Reliable internet is critical to the vitality of our businesses, worker training, and classroom education -- we must increase broadband access in our communities. Laurie will work to provide grants and state funding to increase access and reliability of this necessary resource