To the editor

Please join me on Tuesday, Feb. 14 in the special election as I vote for Laurie Warner for Minnesota House 32B Representative.
Beyond a doubt, Laurie Warner is the candidate who will work to bring down health care costs, stand up for kids and public schools, fight to bring local jobs and support small businesses and support livable wages for our community. She understands the economics and the importance of protecting our lakes and clean drinkable water. She also will advocate toward a reduction in taxes so hardworking people of East Central Minnesota keep more of the dollars they earn in their pockets.
Laurie is committed to positive change and working for a better life for all constituents with in East Central Minnesota. She is willing to work with all political parties to get things done. Vote for Laurie Warner for Minnesota House 32B on Feb. 14.

Nancy K. Moe-Mergens