To the editor
I was immediately impressed when I had the honor to meet Laurie Warner at the Harvest Fest in North Branch. As a retired schoolteacher from Taylors Falls, I will use the alphabet to express my thoughts about Laurie.

A- All about family.
B- Believes we can do better.
C- Can work across the aisle to get things done for the people of Chisago Co.
D- Dedicated to her constituents.
E- Eager to serve our area.
F- Focus on the needs of 32B.
G- Gained many volunteer experiences.
I- Improve our local roads and bridges.
J- Joins with others to get the job done.
K- Keen on finding new ways to save taxpayers’ dollars.
L- Leader.
M- Make our public schools better than ever.
N- Never gives up.
0- Outstanding and organized.
P- Put partisan politics aside for all of us.
Q- Quality of life—a value she will protect.
R- Reaches out to all people.
S- Supports veterans, seniors, and schools.
T- Tax cuts for the middle class.
U- Understands compromise.
V- Your voice in St. Paul.
W- Working for progress.
X- Excellent woman.
Y- Youthful energy level.
Z- Zestful.

We were all taught our A, B, and Cs in school. The value of a good education lasts a lifetime.

We need Laurie as our advocate in St. Paul. Join me in support of Laurie Warner Feb. 14.

Neva Noyd
Taylors Falls