To the editor

Please join me on Tuesday, Feb. 14 in the special election as I vote for Laurie Warner for Minnesota House 32B Representative.
Beyond a doubt, Laurie Warner is the candidate who will work to bring down health care costs, stand up for kids and public schools, fight to bring local jobs and support small businesses and support livable wages for our community. She understands the economics and the importance of protecting our lakes and clean drinkable water. She also will advocate toward a reduction in taxes so hardworking people of East Central Minnesota keep more of the dollars they earn in their pockets.
Laurie is committed to positive change and working for a better life for all constituents with in East Central Minnesota. She is willing to work with all political parties to get things done. Vote for Laurie Warner for Minnesota House 32B on Feb. 14.

Nancy K. Moe-Mergens


To the editor
I was immediately impressed when I had the honor to meet Laurie Warner at the Harvest Fest in North Branch. As a retired schoolteacher from Taylors Falls, I will use the alphabet to express my thoughts about Laurie.

A- All about family.
B- Believes we can do better.
C- Can work across the aisle to get things done for the people of Chisago Co.
D- Dedicated to her constituents.
E- Eager to serve our area.
F- Focus on the needs of 32B.
G- Gained many volunteer experiences.
I- Improve our local roads and bridges.
J- Joins with others to get the job done.
K- Keen on finding new ways to save taxpayers’ dollars.
L- Leader.
M- Make our public schools better than ever.
N- Never gives up.
0- Outstanding and organized.
P- Put partisan politics aside for all of us.
Q- Quality of life—a value she will protect.
R- Reaches out to all people.
S- Supports veterans, seniors, and schools.
T- Tax cuts for the middle class.
U- Understands compromise.
V- Your voice in St. Paul.
W- Working for progress.
X- Excellent woman.
Y- Youthful energy level.
Z- Zestful.

I have lived and voted in District 32B since 1998. I am very disappointed that thanks to Bob Barrett and Republican leaders our vote for state representative will not count this November, will require the costs of a special election in February, and most importantly, residents of District 32B will not have representation in this legislative session (begins January 3) until months into the session. 

Despite being publicly called on the question of residence in 2014, Mr. Barrett, with his party’s support, continued the subterfuge. This September the Minnesota Supreme Court ruled that Bob Barrett does not live in our district. 

Isanit-Chisago County Star
September 15, 2016

To the editor,

After several years of seeing little accomplished in the Minnesota legislature, we are poised to make some positive moves. I’ve followed our current Senate and House officeholders for too many years and with great dismay. Personal contacts yielded nothing but idealogical babble. Both Rep. Barrett and Sen. Nienow’s “accomplishments” were the equivalent of installing a new stoplight. They have said no to almost everything except social agenda items that fit their, or their party’s, worldview. They even killed the biennial bonding bill that would have created a great deal of jobs, services and infrastructure improvements at no cost to taxpayers!  

But do not despair. Candidates Laurie Warner, House 32B, and Tim Nelson, Senate 32, are truly outstanding individuals who are taking their future roles very seriously. Both are extremely qualified, endorsed by many of your friends and neighbors who work as nurses, teachers, craftspeople, and they are both very positive individuals.